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Tom Clancy on the European Union

From alt.books.tom-clancy...the master himself, in response to a persistently obnoxious French antiwar poster:

From: tomclancy@aol.com (Tom Clancy)
Newsgroups: alt.books.tom-clancy
Subject: Re: PRO-WAR take note!

fabrice thinks: SH and Bin Laden look like the most dangerous threat to the US, but they may not be, and they are definitely not the only one... Think of it...

Oh, I can see it now, Jacques Chirac sends his mistress to America to clobber people on 5th Avenue with her Louis Vitton purse. Sure. That'll teach us.

The trouble with the European Union (well, one of many) is that it seems to be a governmental system ruled by cowards who want above all to make courage illegal. Bureaucrats have the desire but lack the temperament to rule people. Sooner or later the people will rise up and drag them kicking and screaming to a velvet-covered gallows.

What strikes me as odd is that the Germans signed on. For that matter, the French army has a good reputation in the professional community. Its historical problem is its political/strategic leadership.


Bravo, and bwahahahaha...

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