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A bleh day all around

Spent most of the day at the corporate office in the Cities, trying to straighten out the boss's computer. He's got a Dell Dimension 8200, with a 2 GHz P4, 768 MB of RAM, and lots of other goodies. It's slow under Windows XP, especially when printing to his HP Deskjet 722C. After poking around for most of the day, I finally added another hard disk as IDE master and installed Win2K on it. Everything went fine until I tried to get the video driver installed...no luck. I get to spend all day tomorrow fighting it, whee.

There was a letter from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action waiting for me when I got home. I'd been planning to vote for Tim Penny, the Independence party candidate and heir apparent to Jesse Ventura's legacy, but the NRA says he earned an F rating from his days in Congress. Damn. His own site waffles on the issue of gun control and a must-issue concealed carry permit for Minnesota. I don't particularly want to vote for Tim Pawlenty, who's just another politician, but I may have to.

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