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Journalistic pet peeve

I'd originally posted this as a comment to nonethewiser's journal, but she apparently deleted it. (First she asks me to comment in her journal, not in mine, then she deletes the comment when I do. Bleagh.)

I'd commented that her article, in http://www.toasted-cheese.com/absoluteblank.htm, was good overall, but it tripped my pet peeve detector.

The question, "How does that make you feel?" and its variants, is THE SINGLE MOST IDIOTIC QUESTION IN JOURNALISM! Every time I hear it, it's in a context where the subject's feelings on the matter are 1) manifestly obvious and 2) what anyone else would feel in similar circumstances. "Your 6-year-old son just got sucked up into a running jet engine and is now a red smear on the compressor blades. How does that make you feel?"

I swear, if I'm asked that kind of question in similar circumstances, I'll beat the offending journalist to death with his camera and tell God he died. No jury would convict me.

(Re the mood: If you ask me to comment in your LJ instead of mine when replying to a post, please don't get mad when I do exactly that. And no, it's neither silly, self-serving, nor untrue. If it's offensive, perhaps you should examine why it offends you: too close to home, perhaps? Journalists have this tendency to see themselves and all that they do as being just this side of saving mankind. The rest of the world doesn't quite agree.)
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