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On commenting in others' journals

nonethewiser had this to say about my commenting in her journal:

You're very free to post *topical* non-attacking comments or arguments.

Frankly, if you made even *one* positive comment to anything I ever wrote, I could overlook the nastiness. But since you can't argue without it, and only post to argue...

Let's face it. We're not going to agree. I'm OK with that. It's why I don't comment in your journal. Maybe we should just agree that's the best state of affairs.

So, that means I'm free to post, as long as I agree? Pfaugh.

I have made positive comments; unfortunately, it is the nature of such things that they're forgotten in the heat of discussion. I still consider Rhia a friend, as I can separate my opinion of her as a person from my opinions of her opinions. The same applies to many of the folks on my LJ friends list.

I doubt she considers me a friend, however.

No, we're not going to agree. Life would be boring as hell if we all agreed all the time on everything, and there would be precious little in the way of subjects on which to have discussions. We'd all be poorer for it.

Rhia, you (and wbwolf, who has locked me out of posting to his LJ completely), and anyone else, are welcome to comment in my LJ at any time. I don't demand that comments agree with my views, even partially. Don't like what I've said? Tell me about it. I promise I won't think poorly of you for it.

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