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Holiday weekend

vakkotaur and I spent a couple of nights at his parents' place for Easter. It's actually mildly strange, since his parents are as religious as I am (read: not at all), but we had a more-or-less big traditional Easter dinner of ham and lots of other dishes, including a few Paul doesn't think very much of. (I dunno why he doesn't think much of sweet potatoes, especially since his mom does a very nice job with them.) They seem to value the holiday a fair amount.

While we were in the area, we visited a factory outlet for a shoe manufacturer that was having a moving sale. I picked up a pair of steel-toed, canvas-sided work boots for $10. Finally have a pair of shoes that I can wear anywhere and frankly not care what happens to them.

On the way back, we attended the spring meeting of the Minnesota Repeater Council. This is a bit of ham radio politics that I indulge in, mainly because there are a few issues I feel rather strongly about. I was a little surprised when Paul started getting into the discussions, since he's been profoundly uninterested before.

The total was about 800 miles driven, there and back. I've driven 1500 miles since getting the oil changed two Fridays ago.

Before leaving town, I took the Form 1500 for TigerDirect.com back to the post office. I'd gotten it in the mailbox Wednesday, unfiled. When I called the postmaster, he said that he wasn't sure I understood what the form was for (he'd highlighted the bit about "sexually provocative material"). I explained to him that, as far as I understood the law and the Domestic Mail Manual, mine was the only opinion that counted, and that if I filed the form, I expected them to do as the DMM requires and forward it on to the processing center. He agreed that they'd do just that. We'll see.

I'm not planning on doing much today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be productive; I'm planning on calling some customers to see if they'll be interested in having me come in as a consultant; if I can drum up some business that way, I've got a good chance of getting hired by a consulting outfit with a really good reputation, even though they're small.

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