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CCS: finished

Watched the last bit of CCS: the second movie. Wasn't bad, overall, though I could guess the resolution a mile away. A nice capstone to the series. I doubt they've got a hook to hang another sequel on if they wanted to, though, as the trick they used for this movie won't work again.

The credits ended 12 minutes before the file did, however. I was wondering just what the heck was going on, when I was greeted with a title (untranslated in the subbed copy I have)...and then a Chuck Jones-class cartoon featuring Kerberos and Spinel. Really, really good, and quite funny. One question, though: Why was the animation quality there better than the movie, never mind the rest of the series? It's the only bit of anime I've seen that's not visibly jerky (better than 6 or 8 frames per second).

I'm debating showing it to vakkotaur; he could probably stand to watch it, but not to listen to it, at least not in subbed form. (He finds Japanese screechy.)

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