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A few quick notes

The association with the consulting firm is progressing, but it hasn't turned into money yet. I'm still pushing at it.

The water at the house will be on but unusable tomorrow. They're cleaning out the water mains in the neighborhood. Guess I'm going out to lunch.

The Minnesota Senate, as predicted, passed the concealed carry bill yesterday, after seven and a half hours of debate - mainly DFLers whining about how unsafe it would make Minnesota (feh!) and how the House got it past the DFL elite that had been blocking it all this time. Governor Pawlenty signed it last night. It takes effect in 30 days, although it'll take longer to actually have an effect, since rules have to be adopted, training defined, and so on.

Got a letter from my doc. The blood test showed that my long-term blood sugar was significantly down, to within the acceptable range. I'll take it.

I'm going to Penguicon this weekend. I'd bought the airline tickets and con membership months ago, so not going would waste more money than it would save. Once upon a time, one of the organizers had asked me to give a few talk. I dropped the program chair a note today asking whatever had happened with that, and suggesting a few panels I could contribute to; she said she'd let me know, but that she thought I'd be good for most of them.

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