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Transportation quiz

Via vakkotaur:

A few seconds of using a conveyance or being at the controls counts.

Dry Land:

Bicycle? Yes.
...built for more than one? No.
Unicycle? No.
Skates (old fashioned)? Yes, as a kid.
Skates (in-line)? Yes, a bit as an adult..
Pogo-stick? No.
Moving walkway? Yes - at airports
Escalator? Yes.
Elevator? Yes.
...that wasn't automatic? Yes.
Wheelchair? Nope.
Used crutches? No.
Used a cane (not just as a prop)? Yes. Had a bruised foot once that needed help to heal.

Driven a three-wheeler ATV?
Driven a four-wheeler ATV? No.
Driven a minibike? No. My parents never let me near one.
Motorcycle? Yes, a long time ago.
...drive? No. Seen too many serious injuries.
Driven a car? Of course.
...with manual transmission? Yes...in fact, I prefer them.
Driven a truck (any, small pickups count)? Yes.
...with manual transmission? Yes.
Driven a larger truck (moving van, semi) Yes, a moving van (with trailer for the car) when I moved to Fairmont.
Driven a bus (beside a VW Microbus)? No.
Tractor (small - lawn)? Yes.
Tractor (large - farm)? No.
Tractor with other machinery attached? No.

Steam locomotive? No.
Oil fired locomotive? No.
Diesel-Electric locomotive? Yes.
All-electric locomotive? (trolley, etc.)? Yes, the NYC subway and New Jersey Transit.
Been at the controls of any while underway? No.

Been in a squad car? Yes.
...lights and siren going? Yes.
...and you were driving? Yes.
Been in an ambulance? Yes.
...while injured? No.
...with lights & siren going? Yes.
...and you were driving? Yes.

Cat/bulldozer? No.
Other construction machinery? No.
Tank? No.
Other military vehicle (beyond truck, jeep)? No.

Snow & Ice:

Ice skate?
Yes, once.
Snow shoe? No.
Ski (cross country)? No.
Ski (downhill)? No. Damn, but that's cold.
Saucer sled? No. We never had snow while I was a kid.
Non-saucer, non-steerable sled or toboggan? No.
Steerable sled (Flexible flier, etc.)? No.
Dog-sled? No.
Sleigh? No.
Snowmobile? No. Snowmobiles offer all the same ways of thoroughly killing yourself that motorcycles do, along with the sheer fun of freezing your ass off while you're doing it.
Been on a sled or such pulled by snowmobile? No.
Snowplow (not a truck with a plow)? No.


Been on animal powered conveyance?
Yes, one, horse-drawn.
Drive it yourself? No.
Ridden an animal (relatives don't count)? Yes, long ago.
...with the animal not hand led or connected to something? Yes.
Ridden an animal not normally considered a riding animal? No.
...what was it? ---


S.C.U.B.A. dive? No.
Deep sea dive? No.
Raft? No.
Surfed? No. (My uncle is the family surfer.)

Rowed a boat? Yes.
Sailed (wind propulsion)? Yes.
Water-ski? Once, for a few seconds.
Jet-ski? No.
Boat with outboard motor? Yes.
...control it yourself? Yes.
Boat with inboard motor? Yes.
...control it yourself? Yes.
Peddle-powered watercraft? No.
Paddle-wheeler/riverboat? No.
Been on a ferry boat? Yes.
Been on a houseboat? No.
...overnight? ---
Ocean-going (or Great Lakes) ship? Yes.
Submarine? No.
Diving bell/bathysphere? No.


Ridden a glider?
...fly it yourself? ---
Ultralight/microlight? Yes.
Open cockpit, single engine plane? No, doggone it.
...fly it (at all)?
Any single engine prop. plane? Yes.
...fly it (at all)? Yes.
Twin engine prop. plane? Yes.
...fly it (at all)? Yes.
Jet? Yes, commercial airliners.
...fly it (at all)? No.
Jet, not commercial? No. (Though I do have an hour of simulator time in one, a Hawker 800, in my logbook.)
...fly it (at all)? No. (But see above.)

Fly any of the above from takeoff to landing? Yes.
Hot air balloon? No.
Helium balloon? No.
Blimp? No.
Helicopter? No.

Parachute? No. (Jump out of a perfectly good airplane?)
Gyro? No.
Been launched or assisted by catapult/steam? No.
Anything rocket propelled or assisted? No.


...over water? No.
Cable car/gondola? Yes.
Ever been 'telepresent' (remote manipulation)? No.
...that was more than flipping bits over the net? No.

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