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Friday, 9 May 2003

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1150 - IQ testing online for fun and no profit

wbwolf took two online IQ tests recently, and the results are in his journal. I'd taken one of them before, but I enjoy doing that kind of thing, so I took the other.

The one I hadn't taken was from the BBC. It's a Flash program, and intended for folks in the UK. The British cultural stuff didn't throw me, though. I rated at 141 on that test, with only two misses (out of 12) in language and one out of 12 in perception. I got perfect scores in memory, logic, and numbers, which are my usual strong points.

The one I had taken before was at Safari hid the popups for me, thankfully. I rated at 136 on that test, and it said that I'm a Visionary Philosopher, equally good at mathematical and verbal tasks, and learn best through experience. I didn't sign up for the full report, though.

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