My SAT score went up and I didn't know it! - Jay Maynard

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Saturday, 10 May 2003

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0903 - My SAT score went up and I didn't know it!

Since we're on the subject of IQ testing, this tidbit is relevant:

In 1995, the College Board, the outfit that administers the SAT, "recentered" the scale used to report results. The effect was to raise the scores of folks who took the test before that year. I took the test in 1976, and got 710 on the verbal part, and 790 on the math part, for a 1500 composite. According to the chart published by the College Board, that is now, in post-1995 terms, 780 verbal and 800 math, for a composite of 1580.

Of course, that and a dollar will get me a lousy cup of coffee, these days... In my case, the SAT was a poor predictor of college performance:while it measured native intelligence and knowledge, it did not measure any of the thousand other things that go into a successful college career, like work ethic and maturity. I was profoundly unready for college when I started, not long after turning 17, and basically wasted two years before giving up on it. I'd intended to go back, but never did.

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