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Flying the flag: how to?

I finally hung the flagpole I bought a while back on the front of the house. It's good and solid. When I went to raise the flag, though, I found that I'd lost the instructions on just how to run the halyard and tie it to the flag!

A web search returns lots of pages on flag etiquette, but none on the mechanics of the thing. I've still got the etiquette brochure, so that doesn't help. The supplied halyard is twice as long as the pole, and I can't figure out how it goes together - especially since the picture I remember from the instructions shows both ends of the halyard tied around a cleat at the base. I can't see any way to make that happen, especially with the flag at half-staff, then raised all the way, as it is tomorrow. (On Memorial Day, the flag is to be flown at half-staff only until noon.)

Anyone got any pointers to instructions?

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