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Thursday, 29 May 2003

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0935 - Subscription required

I just tried to check the Minneapolis Star-Tribune web site for updated news, and got tossed to a page that said I needed to register. This is new. Further, they say they will occasionally send email, and that opting out is required - and they'll still send some email anyway. Bah.

The crowning glory is that they do not accept + characters in the supplied email address, thus preventing tagging of the address. If you tag an email address this way, you can later figured out who sold it to spammers.

I'd probably register anyway if it weren't for that, but that's just too much. Guess I'll switch papers.

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I just visited that site and didn't get a registration page. Either they changed it back, or are still in the early stages and tried to do it too early... or maybe it's that I keep scripting off.

But if they do pull that, well, the Pioner Press will be happy to let them.

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