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My Waterloo Days Renaissance Festival

vakkotaur and I went to this faire over the weekend. It was enjoyable. I'll spare the blow-by-blow, since Paul's doing such a good job of it.

I do think of Freakazoid! whenever I see the sign for the Grout Museum. One of these days, I'm going to have to go in there.

My back bothered me all day Saturday. I couldn't get comfortable pretty much no matter what I did. A naproxen tablet did help when I finally got back to the hotel room, and I took another one preemptively the next morning.

My big job Sunday was playing wedding photographer. Two rennies were getting married - for real: the organizer of the faire is an ordained minister, and performed the ceremony. I had been asked to photograph the wedding, so I prepared by getting 4 new sets of batteries for my camera. (The E-10's biggest problem is that it eats batteries. A set of four 1600 mAH NiMH batteries will last typically 150 pictures or so if the camera isn't in constant use, and that's without flash of using the LCD display, both of which eat batteries even more.) I'd been to the rehearsal the previous evening, so I knew what was going to happen, but it was still a nervous time for me, since 1) this was the first time I'd ever done a wedding, and 2) I hate being conspicuous when taking pictures, and there was no good way to avoid it.

It turned out well, though. The hardest part was getting the formal group pictures done afterwards, mainly because keeping the people together was impossible. A fresh set of batteries at the start, and an empty 256 MB CompactFlash card, was all I needed to concentrate on the mechanics.

There was a reporter from the Waterloo Courier there, too, and their story on the wedding can be found online.

The webmaster of atthefaire.com, Allen Huffman, and I have a running gag going: When I first met him in person at a faire, we both had our cameras. I told him that mine was bigger than his. Ever since then, I've kidded him about it. At this faire, there was a patron who also had an E-10. We stopped and talked for a while. After that, the next time I saw Allen, I mentioned that there was someone else walking around with one that's bigger than his. His reply: "Aaaaagh!"

After that, we hung around for a while and then went home. Not too bad a drive, as it's about 190 miles from Fairmont to Waterloo. It's bug season, though, and I wound up having to get the car washed this morning just so I could see out of the windshield.

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