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I talked to a reporter

(Well, almost.) A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a researcher with a company that produces programs for Discovery Channel and a few other cable networks. They were looking to talk to people who'd been visiting New York or Washington on 9/11 to get their experiences. They found my story on the wherewereyou.org website. (It's the second one on this page.) I spoke to her for a while, and she said they might be talking to me again.

I got another call from her a little while ago. She wanted to know my opinions about what's happened since then, both in terms of the wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, and domestically. Now, anyone who's reading this will know that I've got plenty of opinions, and I wasn't afraid to tell her about them. We talked for almost 30 minutes.

At the end, she thanked me for my thoughtful answers, and said that they'd most probably be contacting me again. I don't know what they're planning (some sort of program, obviously), or whether it will turn into something that appears on TV, but I'll let people know if it does.

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