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For those few of you reading this who aren't on my friends list, there's a possibility I might be making an extended trip to Malaysia. At this point, it's only a possibility, and won't happen for a while yet. Still, I'd like to have an answer one way or the other so I can prepare. I'd like to go, although I'm going to push hard for a trip back in the middle of the assignment to take care of stuff that'd be piling up here. The trip's schedule would be such that I'd miss most if not all of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival run, as well as the Iowa Renaissance Festival that we go to over Labor Day weekend. I've asked to delay the departure until after Anthrocon, and they said that wouldn't be a problem, as it'll likely take the client that long to get their ducks in a row.

There was a message on the answering machine for me Thursday afternoon. The researcher said that the outfit they'd been doing research for was interested in interviewing me for their program, and would be getting in touch with me in the next several days. It turns out the program is being made by NHK, the Japanese TV network. I'll know more when I talk to the guy.

I have finally gotten the pictures I took at the Waterloo and Siouxland renaissance festivals up on the web, as well as the wedding pictures I took at Waterloo (in a separate album). I've already promised CDs to the faire organizers, as well as one of the performers, and will offer to send them to others associated with the faire or performers whose pictures I've shot.

As vakkotaur noted, I was called out to Scranton suddenly Thursday. The system I'd installed there for my former employer had died, and they needed me to replace the CPU. That trip cost them $2400, over half of which was the last-minute full coach airfare. At least I got a free upgrade to first class.

I missed out on going to the RosenThorne Renaissance Festival in Elk River, MN, with Paul. I'm not so sure I missed much of anything, based on his comments. At any rate, by the time I got back to my car, I was ready to get home and not do much of anything else, as I'd been going since 0430.

To-do list for today: Get car washed. (It's bug season in Minnesota.) Relax. Remind Paul to take pictures. Screw around. Eat. Burn picture CDs for people. Take a nap.

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