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New cellphone

I got an offer in the mail today from my old carrier, AT&T Wireless, offering me $75 off if I'd sign another one-year service agreement. I decided to look around a bit first.

Good thing I did, too: The local wireless carrier, Cellular One, offers the same calling plan I had with AT&T, 450 minutes a month with free nationwide roaming and nationwide long distance, plus 3500 night and weekend minutes (though those are only good, basically, west of Fairmont), for $25 a month less than I was paying AT&T. Needless to say, I switched.

I did splurge on a neat new phone, an Audiovox CDM8500, though. Only gotcha: No downloadable ringtone capability. So much for having the Animaniacs theme as a ringtone. I set it to Harry Mancini's Baby Elephant Walk.

If you have my old cellphone number (with a 612 area code), please discard it.

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