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Sunday, 22 June 2003

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2134 - Tom Clancy on Harry Potter

From alt.books.tom-clancy:

Has anybody read the new one yet? I'm up against deadline with a gun to my head and I have no time.

Yes, he's a Harry Potter fan.

I've never read any of the series. Perhaps I should start.

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You could see the first two movies and start with the third book. That's when it really starts to get good anyway. =o)

I'm not really serious, but I wonder how well somebody would get along doing that... I don't *think* they'd miss out on too much, with the exception of something that is pretty minor in the first two books that becomes big in the third book is *really really* minor in the movies. They only keep it in at all because they *have* to for the third movie.
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Given my experiences with the movies based (FSVO) on the Clancy books, and the fact that I prefer reading anyway, I think I'll start with the books.

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