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Send lawyers, guns, and money

...or at least, airline tickets and gas coupons.

I'm on the road again this week. San Diego on Tuesday, drive up to LA on Wednesday, fly home Friday. I've got a Camaro convertible reserved, whee. (It was a great deal from Avis.) Then, Saturday is taken up by a concealed handgun class for the new license Minnesota has adopted.

Just got back home from A Renaissance Affaire in Osceola, Iowa. (Osceola is 60 miles south of Des Moines on I-35.) Shot 1141 pictures, which will give me lots to do on the airplane between sorting, cropping, and captioning. The page won't go up on the web till I get home.

vakkotaur and I are planning to go to the Rosenthorne faire next Sunday, if the handgun class doesn't spill over onto that day. (I don't know if it will or not; there's a shooting test I'm not sure about.) I'll shoot more pictures there.

With all this driving, I'm beginning to wish I could get frequent flyer miles out of it...

michaelmink's posting about an eye exam reminds me: I ordered new glasses last week to replace the 5-year-old pair I wear now. There was a message on the answering machine that said they arrived Saturday. (They were supposed to take a week, which would be Tuesday, after I've left for San Diego.) The prescription hasn't changed much at all, but I'm tired of dealing with the scratches on the left lens (which is the one in front of my dominant eye, natch). This time, I'll see if the Transitions photosensitive lenses are any good. At least that way I won't have to worry about losing a pair of prescription sunglasses again.

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