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On Texans and Oregonians

...and other left-wing Pacific Coast kooks.

wbwolf tars every Texan with the same brush. He thinks we're overconfident, boorish, and worst of all to his worldview, conservative. Gasp! The horror!

While I think he's politically closer to Berkeley than Portland, the fact remains that this is too broad an overgeneralization. Texans come in all political leanings, from John Birch to Mickey Leland and Sheila Jackson-Lee. There are parts of the state that are way too liberal for my taste, yet there are people who flock there and claim the rest of the state is out of its gourd. Austin springs to immediate mind, as well as the Montrose district of Houston and some parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Yes, Texans call for the death penalty more than any other state. This is not a bug. In general, we feel that there are some crimes for which no lesser penalty is appropriate. Don't want to get a lethal injection in Texas? It's easy. Don't do the crime. Same thing for prisons: Don't like them? Behave yourself and stay out of them. It is worth noting that the death penalty is not automatically handed down just because the prosecutor asks for it, either; they must prove that the person is a continuing threat to society, and juries scrutinize the question closely.

While we're making sweeping generalizations, I could say that those on the Pacific coast are rabid environmentalists intent on preserving bugs and weeds at the expense of people, and giving all of the money belonging to the rich (which they define as making more than they do) to the poor, whether or not they are poor because of their own choice.

I will not go so far as to say I'll never again set foot on the Pacific coast, however, as I recognize that there is a range of opinion there, as there is everywhere. (Even the People's Republic of Taxachusetts isn't completely made up of leftists, despite the fact that they re-elect Ted Kennedy by massive margins every 6 years.) If wbwolf will shed his unreasoning prejudice - something he is quick to decry in others - he might find that Texas is a pretty nice place. Hell, I'll even give him a tour of the Hill Country.

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