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Where's this letter from?

Name the source of this letter to the editor:

We need a war against barbarism of personal terrorism, too
The recent brutal murders of a 15-year-old boy, a mother and her two children, and a 79-year-old woman lead one to a question: Isn't there something wrong with a society that permits these kinds of crimes to occur? The question isn't whether the murderers will ultimately be brought to justice, or what the nature of that "justice" might be. Rather, the problem is that these crimes ever took place, that our society allowed them to occur. The people who committed these murders share one thing in common: a total disregard for the value of human life. Can you imagine yourself beating a 79-year-old woman to death? I can't. The time has come to stop listening to the excuses for such behavior generated by its socio- and psychobabbler apologists. Such people are simply and totally beyond the pale of civilized life. They are barbarians. People who exhibit such a love of violence and callous disregard for life can't be that hard to spot. They should be identified from an early age and separated from the civilized majority so as not to be able to do their evil deeds. Such a policy would be analogous to the "doctrine of pre-emption" in the war against terrorism. We've got to get back to having a civilized society. What we need is a war against barbarism.

According to wbwolf, this is the kind of thing a Texan would write. (Or so I assume, from his repeated public comments.) Wrong-o:

George Dyke
Maiden Rock, Wis

As printed in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press today.

What's next, wbw? Gonna stay out of Wisconsin, too?

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