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Neon Genesis Evangelion thoughts

I finished the last of 26 episodes and both (?) movies this morning, after watching on and off all week.

Short review: That was seriously ^^#$%^ weeeeird.

The series starts out as a more-or-less conventional action series, but after the main theme is resolved (or so we think) about episode 21 or so, it takes a hard 90-degree turn to reality and charges off into theology and philosophy. By the time episode 26 is done, we've taken a trip through several characters' psyches, and dealt with a 14-year-old boy's loneliness and angst.

The first movie is little more than a capsule review of the series. The second, however, gets even weirder: it starts out as another action movie, but then takes a different 90-degree turn to reality and winds up destroying (or not, I'm not quite sure about this) all life on the planet except for two of the main characters, who are apparently left to start all over.

The animation in this series is well-drawn and highly detailed (for example, they spent a lot of effort to get one character's 1970s-era Renault Alpine A310 right), but has the same low frame rate I've come to associate with anime. Ferchrissakes, does anyone in Japan animate on ones or twos?

The DVDs only cost me $20 (Japanese with English subtitles), so I'm not unhappy I got them...but I'm not at all sure I'll watch them again.

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