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Take that, telemarketing slime

I slammed two telemarketers today.

The first was Minnesota Auto Glass. They called me Monday, for the sixth time since I asked them to put me on their do not call list. They sleaze their way out of the Minnesota do-not-call law because that law makes an exception for companies that do not complete the sale on the phone. This time, I decided that, since they were willing to keep wasting my time, it would be fair for me to waste some of theirs. I made an appointment for them to fix a chip in my windshield. They went through the process of filing the insurance claim and sending a guy out from Mankato, an hour's drive away. When he got here this morning, I told him that I wasn't interested in having the job done, and explained my problem with his company. He went away grumbling. I then called the company office and told them what I'd done, and why. The lady I spoke to expressed incredulity that anyone would go to all that trouble when they weren't interested in getting the work done, then hung up on me.

The second one was an outfit called Creative Innovations (how's that for a generic name that conveys zero information?), out of Des Moines. They called me twice, once yesterday evening, once this morning. In this case, they were in clear violation of the law, since they were selling the product during the call. I got their phone number and address, and told them they were breaking the law...and then filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Telemarketers are slime. They should find honest work.

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