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The NYC City Hall shooting

I submitted the following letter to the Minneapolis Star_Tribune this morning, in response to the shooting at New York's City Hall yesterday:

The shooting of a New York city councilman at City Hall shows clearly that trying to ban guns simply doesn't work. New York City has the most draconian gun laws in the nation, and yet the killer was able to acquire a gun and take it into the heavily guarded chamber.

He obviously didn't care about such a minor detail as the gun being illegal. This is the key lesson: By definition, criminals don't let laws stop them.

His shooting spree ended only when he was shot by someone carrying a pistol legally. Those who think allowing honest citizens to carry firearms will lead to carnage inthe streets should think about this: Who was breaking the law, and who was upholding it? They may point to the fact that it was a plainclothes police officer that shot the killer. While this is true, they should also think about the fact that plainclothes police cannot be everywhere.

Stop worrying about guns, and start worrying instead about the people who are willing to use them to commit murder.

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