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Traveling and computer stuff

vakkotaur chronicled our trip to NYC pretty well, so I won't bother. I will, however, note that I'm going to be gone again in two weeks, first to speak at SHARE, then (hopefully) to visit a few potential customers.

I also went to the Cities yesterday to deliver a machine that I'd finally finished rebuilding. On the way back, I stopped at OfficeMax, and wound up with a new wheel mouse for the iMac, a spindle of CD-Rs and a box of thin jewel cases, both of which are free after rebates, and a D-Link 802.11g (that's the fast one) wireless router/access point for $79 after rebates. Whee. Free is good.

Next computing project: Reinstall the OS on an HP 3000/928LX. The hard disk died. I've been wanting to play with MPE for a while...

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