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Purchases and decent rap

Got two eBay purchases in today: an Animaniacs teapot (Paul has the cookie jar, but not the teapot) and the original cover art for Animaniacs 50 (the art is reversed left-to-right from what actually got printed). The cover will, after being framed, go on the wall next to the cover for #59.

At bronxelf_ag001's wedding, one song they played sounded interesting. It turned out to be A(flat) Traffic Jam, by a group I'd never heard of, Chucklehead. Unlike most (c)rap I've heard, this stuff is actually good, with real music behind the toned-down lyrics. Fun to listen to. (You gotta love any song with "Get me outta New Jersey!" in the chorus...a sentiment I've shared at times.) Now I'm going to have to go search for more of their stuff...

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