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Monday, 4 August 2003

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1943 - Traffic II: don't throw rocks, NJ...

The last letter in tomorrow's Star-Tribune letters column has this gem of a passage:

I just returned from a terrific vacation at Lake of the Woods. The beauty of that place is a treasure of which Minnesota can be proud.

However, several other aspects of your state struck me as curious.
Then there are those ridiculous stoplights on the highway entry ramps. The person who thought that one up has probably left the state.
Some things in Minnesota need fixing, but not Lake of the Woods.

Lloyd Gracey, Princeton Junction, N.J.

I felt compelled to reply:

I can't comment on people's complaints about Indians' privileges, and agree about the signing of the terminals at the airport, but Lloyd Gracey's letter in the August 5 Star-Tribune is off base when it comes to the ramp metering lights.

Someone from New Jersey has no right to complain about stoplights on on-ramps, especially ones that stay off most of the time. There are highways in New Jersey with stop signs at the end of on-ramps. I've cursed whichever traffic engineer had *that* brilliant idea more than once while trying to get on NJ-495 in free-flowing, but heavy, traffic.

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They may have learned it from the designers of the the 110 Freeway in LA ...

5 mph hairpin turn at the end of the onramp, with a stop sign at the end. And literally 1 car length to merge with the moving lanes.


-- NC

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