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Thursday, 7 August 2003

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1922 - On the Texas Democrat walkout

From Friday's Star-Tribune Letters section:

Getting it right

The Texas Legislature is simply trying to correct a biased redistricting plan, prepared by Democratic judges ("Texas flap / Remapping could start vicious cycle," Aug. 2). The Republicans have a significant majority, yet received a minority of seats.

Tom Lemke, Rochester.

Yes, Mr. Lemke has it right. Waiting till 2010 to correct this egregious bit of Democrat manipulation is unconscionable.

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And with the precedent set, the second the Democrats got control again they would be free to correct this current egregious bit of Republican manipulation as soon as possible instead of waiting until the next census-mandated redraw. Also, with the precedent being set by the Republicans of discarding an old and established Senate rule requiring a two-thirds vote to debate legislation, Democrats would, if they got control in the future, be allowed to ram through anything they wanted with a simple majority.

The problem is Republicans forget they're setting new precedents that will in the future work both ways.

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