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Thursday, 14 August 2003

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1927 - Another week, another trip

I'm on the road again this week. Whee.

The first part of the week was spent in the Washington, DC area. I gave my usual Hercules talk at SHARE. It's getting too big for one hour, so I asked for two sessions next time - introductory and advanced. Wednesday was a day for working with the folks at Sine Nomine to find out how I can be of better service to them (and, not coincidentally, make more money).

I drove up to Parsippany, NJ this morning. It was a pleasant drive, although there were a LOT of trucks on I-78. Got checked in at the hotel, and discovered that my ISP has no locations that are a local call from Parsippany. Grumble. I couldn't get the calling card working either, so I wound up paying the $10 for a day of the high-speed Internet. Dunno if I'll do it again tomorrow or simply go without. (The horror!)

I was planning to go into NYC to meet michaelmink for dinner, but the power outage scotched that. I hope he didn't wait around Penn Station for me to arrive...

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