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Computers: Not everywhere...

bronxelf_ag001's recent LJ entry with one of those long laundry lists of questions included one that got me thinking: What appliances are in your bedroom? She listed a TV, VCR, and a few other mundane things.

Our bedroom has a TV, a VCR, a clock radio that sets itself from the time broadcasts of the National Bureau of Standards (what is usually, and falsely, called an "atomic clock"), an answering machine, a fan, three battery chargers for ham radios, and one old, cranky laptop computer that doesn't see much use.

It's not that I have any philosophical arguments against computers in the bedroom...after all, in the house in League City, for various reasons, my bedroom turned into the main computer room. It's just that we've discovered that it seems to work better for us if the main center of waking activity is not the bedroom.

We spend most of our waking ours at home in the office, which is where the computers we sit in front of most are located: my iMac, and vakkotaur's Wal-Mart Linux box. The main computer room goes unoccupied for the most part except when one of us is working locally on a system that's in there instead of over the network. There's a computer ( a converted iOpener) in the living room, but it doesn't see much use, and neither does the living room; there's no computer in either the kitchen or dining room, and those rooms don't get used much either (the dining room almost never, and the kitchen only for cooking and such). Would those rooms get used more if they had (more capable, in the case of the living room, or any, in the case of the dining room or kitchen) computers in them? Probably not. We're computer geeks, after all.

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