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So much for my sense of self-worth.

Ever had a large number of people, most of whom you thought were your friends, rush to tell someone who is not and never will be your friend how much of a victim he is and how much of a dirty rotten no-goodnik you are?

Don't. I cannot recommend the experience. It is hell on one's sense of self-worth.

I'm re-evaluating the groups of people I consider friends and worth spending time with. I spent a lot of yesterday in bed, wishing the world would just go away. It won't, and so all I can do about the resurging pain is cut people out of my life in the hope that they'll quit hurting me.

Of course, it's happened again that the iMac I'm sitting in front of has the same name as the online nickname of one of the people who I feel betrayed by. I don't know if I'm going to bother renaming it this time, however.

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