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Two poll questions

Well, I got two questions in reply to my "ask me anything" poll...

okkaywarner: I've only been to three countries besides the US. I've been just over the border to Mexico (from Brownsville and Laredo) a few times, although I'm not sure that counts. The other two trips were at someone else's expense (whee!): I spent 11 days in Hong Kong in 1997, starting just 4 days after it was handed over to the Chinese, and then a week in the Netherlands at a Linux conference in 2001. Both were quite interesting, and I'd happily go back either place.

kinkyturtle: So far, the Minnesota weather hasn't been completely intolerable. It's not spent very many days either snowing or below zero F, and so I've managed fairly well. It is good that my car has all sorts of anti-skid and such kinds of gadgetry, which has probably kept me out of trouble on those days when it has gotten icy. vakkotaur keeps wondering out loud what I'll do when it gets cold, though...

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