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Monday, 13 October 2003

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1454 - Hello, voice over IP

I'm about to drop the second phone line here at the house and replace it with business service from Vonage. For $49.95 a month, I get two lines, one voice and one fax, with a whole slew of calling features, most of which aren't even available in Fairmont, and unlimited calling anywhere in the US and Canada.

For lack of anything better, I picked the Twin Cities as my phone number location, and wound up with a neat, fairly easy-to-remember number. The equipment will arrive later this week, and I should be able to simply plug it in and watch it run. Once the DSL is switched over to the phone line we're keeping, I'll drop the other one, and save some money every month. Whee.

If you've got a broadband connection and want to save money, check out Vonage. I can even get you your first month's service free by referring you. (Whee!)

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