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Sunday, 26 October 2003

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1029 - Dominican trip, day 2

Back home, writing from my comfy office chair.

Day 2 started out much like day 1: grande breakfast for poco dinero, picked up by reseller, taken to office. This time, it was the reseller's office for a meeting on the VCC product itself, where I showed them what it is and what it does. They were all nodding their heads whent hey were done, and thinking about how they could sell it down there, so maybe we'll get some more customers from that direction.

Afterwards, I stayed in their office a while working on the net with their fast connection. (Whee!) The guy who took me there had to go off to a meeting, so he dropped me off at Tony Roma's near the hotel for lunch. I managed to order despite the language barrier, and had some good ribs.

When I was done, I walked the three blocks back to the hotel. A guy who said he worked for the hotel (but probably didn't) walked along with me, offering to have his associate come up to my room for a private massage later that evening, I politely declined and went inside, where I took another much-needed nap instead. The room service dinner was better than the one the previous night, and the evening passed quickly enough.

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