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Saturday, 8 November 2003

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1526 - What, me gamer?

Hardly. I did, however, spend too much at the local Sam Goody's store closing sale, including a Sony PlayStation (original version, not a PS2) for $39.95. I finally got to play the Animaniacs Ten pin Alley game I've had for a couple of years. It's interesting...and Hello Nurse is a better bowler than you'd think. ("Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...hate me because I'm going to win!")

I might pick up a few PS games here and there, but it's hardly my intention to suddenly become a hard-core gamer.

I also picked up several "best of" collections for 20% off for filling MP3 directories with, and the latest ZZ Top album. Whee.

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"...but it's hardly my intention to suddenly become a hard-core gamer."

Oh, phew. Because I was worried about that. I imagine we all were. For a second it was like, holy fuck, he LOOKED at a Playstation, you know what that leads to; parent groups unite and mobilize!

Seriously, man, thank GOD you cleared that up. I was flipping out. I was led to believe there was some kind of way that might ever happen!


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