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What am I doing up at 3 AM on a day when I'll spend at least four hours on the highway and the rest working on a make-or-break technical issue that might well earn, or cost, my erstwhile sometimes employer a nice sale? A meme, of course.

Via bronxelf_ag001:

Artistic talent : Photography, or so people tell me. It's certainly not anything else.
Birthplace : Houston, where I lived for the first 41 years.
Career aspirations at age 6 : Don't recall...didn't think about it much until I ran into a computer at HemisFair '68 (when I was 8) and discovered that that's what I wanted to do with my life.
Dreams, recurring : I remember very few dreams beyond the moment I wake up, and none for longer than an hour or so.
Elementary school, name of : Which one? There were four of them, two private and two public.
Fabrics and materials, favourite to wear on body : Cotton/lycra blends. (See my earlier post about tights.)
Gym, work out at one? Along with Elf: HAHAHAHAHAH. no. Gym class in school was sheerest torture for me, not so much the physical part as the fact that, as a year younger than everyone else there, I was the unending object of bullying and teasing. I've quit asking myself what I would have done with a gun at school, because I don't like the answer. It created such a negative association with exercise that I just can't bring myself to do it, even though I'm 25 pounds overweight (maybe more) and it would help my diabetes immensely. I haven't even set foot on the treadmill downstairs.
Happy memory : Discovering for the first time at age 35 that yes, it was possible that someone outside my family could love me.
Introvert or extrovert? Introvert.
Jewelry/trinkets, worn regularly: Citizen EcoDrive watch (it's a geek thing: I like the idea of a watch I don't have to fool with except to set the time).
Killer app : Hercules, of course. I get to revisit the fun days of my earlier computing life, without the asshole bosses riding me.
Latest book read : The Tower and the Hive, Anne McCaffrey. I'm currently working on a book in the Star Wars series.
Medications (Rx) : Glucotrol, Glucophage, Altace. The first two are for diabetes, and the third is a mild antihypertensive.
Nicknames : Jay. (My real name is James.) A few IRC friends get to call me Sheila, for the character.
Operating system of force (for desktop) : Mac OS X Panther. I've sent Microsoft my last dollar. Hardly a forced choice, though. I'd have to be forced to use Windows XP.
Queer ? Unless I invite you to share my bed, it's none of your damned business.
Role models, current : Eric Raymond. Manuel O'Kelly-Davis (from Robert Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress).
Sleepwear : See answer two questions up.
Tattoos : Not for me, thanks.
University degree(s) : None, and will probably never have any. This society places far too much emphasis on a college education and far too little on what the person actually knows and can do. All a degree proves is that you put up with the concentrated, unalloyed bullshit that is professional academia for n years. You don't learn a damned thing that's usable in the real world at a university. (Well, at least not in any technical field I know of.) All professional academia is good for is training academics; that is how it guarantees its continued existence, as there are far more graduates than there are places for in academia, and the rest of them emerge from the training with an unfounded belief that those who have not been through the same process are somehow worthy only of manual labor or something.
Virginity, age lost at : See answer three questions up.
Weather, favourite : About 95 F, clear, some wind but not a lot. Perfect flying weather. (Yes, I'm from Houston.)
X-SOs you're on speaking terms with : All of them, I think. This is less a measure of my relationships with them than a measure of how few I've had.
Yard/rummage sales, do you go ? Almost never.
Zen moments : The only meaning I can assign to this is from the Jargon File, which says "To figure out something by meditation or by a sudden flash of enlightenment." I have them, not often enough, when thinking about computing, and almost never otherwise.

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