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Tuesday, 18 November 2003

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1011 - Pins and needles

I've been expecting to make a return trip to the Dominican Republic this week ever since I got back. There have been some technical hurdles, and some political hurdles, but we've finally cleared them all. I'm now waiting on final confirmation from the customer that they'll be expecting me on Thursday, before I buy the trip package. Right now, the trip that's being offered as a package on Expedia looks good, and if it's still available when I get confirmation, I'll buy it. If not, the cost goes way up: the package price is lower than the price of just the plane ticket by about $150, and that's including three nights in the same nice four-star hotel I was in last time.

The prospects for making the sale look good, and if it goes, not only am I in for a nice bonus, but it will help the company strategically in more than one way.

Now, if I'd just get an answer from the customer...

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