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Thursday, 11 December 2003

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0807 - Why one poor man hates liberals

This entry in rhjunior's LJ says all that needs saying about the real impact misguided liberal policies have on the real, working poor. Of course, liberals will just write it off, since it destroys their worldview...

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He seems to have a few different ideas on how liberals work than what I've usually seen. Of course, there's times I couldn't tell a liberal from a conservative at twenty centimetres..

There *are* a few liberal policies that have done good; there are some conservative ones that do good, too. There have also been liberal and conservative policies that have done ill. Perfection isn't isolated on the right or left.

One sad thing is that [Unknown LJ tag] seems to have bought into several stereotypes of 'liberal'. Of most of the 'liberals' I know, very few act as he describes them. I even know one who's crossed picket lines in order to make a living. I will admit that most of whom I seem to be around would be considered as a 'liberal'; I think I'd end up lumped in there, too, even with the occasional sincere comment 'Now stop picking on the poor innocent multibillion-dollar corporation!'. Yet I'm sure that if I advanced a few of my own positions, I would be lumped in with any other kind of 'liberal', even though I drive to work in an 8-year-old Taurus, on days that there's enough work for me to go in.

It does happen on both sides of the debate, no matter what the debate is. You're either a baby-killer or a freedom-stifler. You're either trying to destroy the family or crush true love. You're either destroying American credibility with the world or you're pro-terrorist scum.

I guess I just despair a bit when I see either side start lumping everyone they think disagrees with them into marked, labelled boxes for disposal as invalid.

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