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Sunday, 11 January 2004

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1103 - I must be nuts...

I've now spent several hours removing one radio from the car and installing the FT-857 I mentioned a while back. The car is in a zillion pieces at the moment. The biggest hassle has been getting power through the firewall. The radio draws 22 amps at maximum power output, and that calls for heavy wire straight to the battery. The RX300 has a dual firewall (two layers with something - air, or insulation, between them), and there are a very small number of places where wires go through. I finally located one that I could get to with some degree of difficulty, where the wiring harness for the engine control modules goes.

Here's a picture of the car in its current, disassembled state...

When it's all finished, it'll be a really nice installation, but boy, is it a pain. On top of everything else, while the garage is insulated, it's no longer heated...and the little electric space heater is working, but slowly. It's 36 F inside. Needless to say, I'm freezing out there...

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