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States visited meme

Via vakkotaur:

Visited states in bold. Passed through states in italics.
1) Alabama - Lived there for a year or so as a baby.
2) Alaska
3) Arizona - Ham radio and net gatherings.
4) Arkansas - Parents in Blue Eye and customer in Little Rock.
5) California - Lots of times, mainly business.
6) Colorado - Once as a kid.
7) Connecticut - Business, though I did get to operate the visitors' station at the American radio Relay League headquarters.
8) Delaware - passed through on I-95 between Philadelphia and Maryland. Got my doors blown off by the Acela Express.
9) Florida - Customer.
10) Georgia - Aborted customer visit.
11) Hawaii - Not yet, though I have an uncle who lives there. I want to go one of these days.
12) Idaho
13) Illinois - Customer visit.
14) Indiana
15) Iowa - Several times a year for faires.
16) Kansas - Customer. Kansas City International sucks.
17) Kentucky - Cincinnati's airport, a major regional hub, is in Covington.
18) Louisiana
19) Maine
20) Maryland - Customer visit.
21) Massachusetts
22) Michigan - Customer and Penguicon. I expect to be back.
23) Minnesota -- Live here.
24) Mississippi
25) Missouri - Short visits on the way to other places.
26) Montana
27) Nebraska
28) Nevada - Saw the Vegas Strip as a kid, during the day. Wasn't so impressive then.
29) New Hampshire
30) New Jersey - Many customer visits. Chucklehead was right.
31) New Mexico - On the way to Animania IV.
32) New York - Customer visits. At least it ain't NJ.
33) North Carolina - Business trips, and a job interview a long time ago. The Research Triangle area is gorgeous.
34) North Dakota
35) Ohio - Customer.
36) Oklahoma - Stayed overnight while moving to Minnesota.
37) Oregon - And wound up in the only freaking rain forest in the country. Really. In the rain. Driving. At night. In the dark. On unfamiliar roads. In an unfamiliar car. Not a small one, either.
38) Pennsylvania - Customer.
39) Rhode Island
40) South Carolina
41) South Dakota - Often.
42) Tennessee - SHARE presentation.
43) Texas - Grew up there.
44) Utah
45) Vermont
46) Virginia - Customer, and Sine Nomine Associates headquarters.
47) Washington
48) West Virginia
49) Wisconsin - Visited Paul's parents several times.
50) Wyoming - To see Devil's Tower.
XX) Washington D.C. - Customer.

This doesn't include overseas trips to Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and the Dominican Republic.

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