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Snow sucks.

About this time last year, I posted an entry wondering where the snow was. Shortly thereafter, another entry mentioned an article in the Star-Tribune talking about how Minnesota might have to get used to snowless winters. Well, I'm not disappointed any more. It's been snowing the last few days, pretty much continuously.

I got my day's worth of exercise and then some this morning: I spent 45 minutes shoveling snow out of the driveway. Paul had only shoveled enough to get his car out, and it had built up about six inches where the plow hadn't dumped any - and about a foot and a half where it had. Erf. My back was really sore when it was finished, though it got better not long after I got in the car.

Went to the bank and the grocery store. Had a bad moment at the store when I discovered the cellphone holder on my belt was empty. Fortunately, it was at home in the charger. Picked up some necessities.

My car appears to do quite well in the snow. This is a Good Thing. Paul and I took it to the one local empty parking lot and played around the other night, trying to make it do bad things. It politely refused, and no matter what violent maneuvers I made, it simply went where it was pointed and stayed under control the whole time. The only way I could make it skid at all was to apply lots of power and turn the wheel hard to one side, and that was easily controlled as well.

I don't plan to go out at all the rest of the day, plus or minus our usual Monday trip to the Mexican restaurant - and maybe not even that, if the snow is bad enough.

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