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Saturday, 7 February 2004

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2017 - QSL card

Hams exchange postcards, called QSL cards, to confirm that they actually contacted each other. The cards are used to qualify for awards and the like, as well as a collection of pretty and exotic pictures.

I talked to a guy in the Cayman Islands this afternoon on the way back from Sioux Falls, and he said he'd be glad to exchange cards with me. Since I didn't have a card made up, I needed a design. Paul took a picture of me in the car, and after a bit of Photoshopping, I came up with something usable.

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I Like QSL

It makes downloads go *so* much faster.

(Sticks fingers in ears, crosses eyes, and makes googie noises.)
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Re: I Like QSL

*poke* Silly mink ...

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