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Moderately productive day

After staying up late last night playing with parallel port settings, I decided to try a USB printer with the box today. Since I had to go to Minneapolis to give the box back to my boss, I stopped at the OfficeMax in Mankato and bought an HP DeskJet 5550. Not a bad printer at all for $149...plus USB cable, plus USB hub, plus photo-quality ink cartridge, plus tax, came to $249, less a $29 rebate. Got to the office, set things up, and voila! it worked as advertised, with no system slowdown. Conclusion: The XP parallel port driver especially sucks, even more than the rest of XP. Showed it to the boss, and he was satisfied; he'll get a USB printer of his own to hang on the box. I'm happy to have finally unloaded that thing.

Got a few issues out of the way for an upcoming customer meeting, too. Aside from the 4 hours on the road, it wasn't too bad of a day.

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