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Friday, 12 March 2004

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1504 - Another completely unsurprising result.

SNIPER: You love your gun. Maybe a little too
much, but you're very, very good at handling
him/her. See that mosquito on that wall 200
yards away? I bet you could hit it if you

Which Type of Assassin Are You? (With Anime pics!)
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Guns are useful tools.

Looking at that picture though, I can tell it was drawn by someone who knows much less about firearms than they think they do...I mean, really. You don't put iron sights in front of an optical sight; if you see it at all, it's a big blur that just gets in the way of the sight picture. Not only that, but what the HELL is that firing grip the girl's using?! How is she supposed to actually control the weapon that way??!

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I got "NOT an assassin" - even when I switched answers to include explosives and the building collapsing...

And yeah, that is a really lousy optical arrangement. The reflection indicates a curved lens, so it is a telescopic sight rather than a heads-up device (like a Telrad finder). And even if was a such a device there'd be no need of the external sight.

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At sniper kinds of distances (hundreds to thousands of yards), you need a telescopic sight with good magnification. 10-power sniperscopes are not at all uncommon, and there are 20-power ones out there.
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Rico, from Gunslinger Girls. She is a robot. Possibly her robot eyes can use the ring sight, perhaps as a fancy outboard IR thingy. (Well, she's a cyborg, actually, but the electro/mechanical portions of the optical and holding-things systems even out.)

Anime weapons designers (regrettably) tend toward "look cool" over "actually work", unless they're personally mechanics/gun otaku, dedicated to realism (like Kosuke Fujishima, he of Oh My Goddess and You're Under Arrest).

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