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Random followup thoughts

Got the development box rebuilt after I stupidly clobbered it. In the process, I redid the disk layout: there's now a RAID 0 striped across 3 drives, in a partition that I'm not going to use on the test setup, so it'll take more work for me to clobber it. I'm almost back to where I was before I trashed it, and should be back to that point in another day or so.

Finished making plans for the April trip. I'll be in Secaucus, NJ from Sunday night till Wednesday morning, and that gives m Monday and Tuesday evenings to visit Manhattan. I've already made a date to see bronxelf_ag001 Tuesday evening; we'll go to a little hole-in-the-wall Italian place near where she goes to school. I'm hoping michaelmink will be available Monday.

I'll be in Albany Wednesday and Thursday of that week, driving to Philadelphia Thursday afternoon and staying there till Saturday morning. I'm planning to see Eric Raymond one of those two evenings, and will have my copy of The Art of Unix Programming for him to sign.

I'm supposed to install two systems fairly soon, one in Scranton and one in Pearl River, NY, just across the border from northern NJ. Dunno when that will be exactly, though, as it depends on software testing.

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