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Last-minute planning, or lack thereof

I've been planning to take two trips in the next two weeks. The second has been planned for some time now. The first is still not finalized. It involves installing two new servers, one in Pearl River, NY (western NYC suburb, near the north end of the Garden State Parkway) and one in Clark's Summit, PA (just outside Scranton). They've been waiting to see if some software issues have been resolved...with the result that they still haven't shipped either box, and I still haven't made travel arrangements.

The server for Pearl River is going out today. The server for Clark's Summit may or may not be, since they're buying a 6-foot rack, too, which means the whole thing has to be shipped freight. They're checking to see how much expediting it will cost. I already know that the airfare will be over $800, at minimum, and may well be over $1000. They'll just have to suck that up.

I hate planning things at the last minute. Something is bound to go wrong.

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